Thursday, April 10, 2014


At first I was thinking why do a need an app for keeping articles but I found that it helps to keep all the little things I am interested in one place. Flipboard is my new go to app. I love how easy it is to add content and read the article later. I think it will really be a great source for learning about teen and children books. I have already set aside some titles to order for the media center because of this app bringing me to informative articles.


The Google Search App is great for going between devices. It does not have all the features that the google platform has but it a great way to stay connected with all the ways you might use google. I found it most helpful when I am away from home and need to complete something on google drive. I love it for the ease of use when on the go.

Thursday, February 13, 2014


It was nice to have a refresher video on what is new for ios 7. I had already seen or figured out most of the tips for ios 7. The feature that I have enjoyed the most is the play feature where you don't have to unlock the the screen to mute or pause your podcast or audio book. Our school has put survivor cases on all the iPads at school. It has made it difficult to use some of the short cuts with ios 7. It is almost imposible to use the control center feature on the survivor cases.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Thing 1 (Mobile)

I really enjoyed the 23 things on a stick. I hope to gain even more knowledge of how to use the growing technology. We have 1:1 ipads here so I want to try to keep up with learning something new every week. I am also hoping to gain more knowledge on how to navigate all the different types of platforms out there.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Thing 23

Well I made it to the end. It took me two tries but I was finally able to accomplish this wonderful project. I found it difficult at times to find the time to complete the various projects. I am thriled with all the new knowledge I have obtained. I thought I was somewhat update on some the new information out there boy was I wrong. I will have to set aside some time every day every other day to just sit down and read some of my RSS feeds or someone's blog. Thank you for making this experience possible and for all the time and effort it must have taken to put this together. I know if I don't practice I will lose what I have learned so I will make time for learning about web 2.0

Thing 22

I think for me to keep up using web 2.0 tools I need to keep reading my RSS feeds about it and talk with people who just go out and explore the web. I think the best way for me to keep learning is to take time like 23 things on a stick and reading what other people are saying about Web 2.0. I found some of the web 2.0 blogs intimidating but I would recommend the NeverEndingSearch blog by SLJ. I found it pretty user friendly and much more tuned into what I would like to learn about.

Thing 21

I had heard there were other social networking sites out there but had not had a chance to explore them. It was nice to have an excuse to browse other social networking sites. I did not allow myself enough time to have much exploring but I can see that each network is set up with a little different focus. I enjoyed reading about how gathering is focused on books and publishing. This would be a great way to have an audience critque ect.. new ideas and get feed back. I don't think I will be able to use these at work because of current restrictions but it was nice to explore and get a feel for what is out there.